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Before The Fight

This is an Illustration I did for the recent Mooncolony challenge. The topic of the challenge was to create something that fits into an alternate universe that is similar to the 1920s if giants robots and technological advances had already been explored further.

I created some concepts which I will share later, because this project really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I loved it! I loved exploring the character and creating a setting that is full of contrast between the glamorous and roaring parties and the sweaty and filthy fight arenas.
For the illustration I decided to go with a simple approach that would still be able to display the differences of the glamorous female character and the fighting bot, yet still showing some similarities like the art deco details. The Bot's silhouette forms around that of the character, symbolozing it's position as a guard and a save space for her. I really wanted to make sure that they both harmonize and that they represent each other, as well as the different lives and environments they live in.

This piece really made me push out of my comfort zone, and I needed to reajust so many things along the way. But it was so much fun, and taught me many things. Im proud that I pushed through and am pleased with the end result after all.

Finished Illustration

Finished Illustration

Video Process